Sheet Metal Welding and Fabrication

Sheet Metal Welding and Fabrication

In this blog we cover the unparalleled workmanship of Davis Welding and Fabrication as a leading Brisbane sheet metal welding and fabrication firm.

For more than two decades we have  provided the highest quality of services to commercial and industrial clients in Brisbane and SEQ.

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What is sheet metal welding and fabrication and how is it suited to commercial applications?

Sheet metal is a versatile material used in a vast array of industries and applications. It is manufactured in large rectangular sheets and is generally less than 6mm in thickness. It is used for myriad commercial applications including benches, doors, platforms, cabinets, boxes, safety guarding and tanks.

Sheet metal is available in many material types including, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. It is also available in checker plate and perforated options.

Sheet metal can be laser cut into intricate shapes and folded to produce complex 3 dimensional parts. With the addition of folded edges sheet metal can be made very strong and ridged but at the same time be lightweight.

At Davis Welding and Fabrication, we are specialised in all forms of sheet metal welding and fabrication.

Davis Welding and Fabrication expertise

Our expertise includes the design, manufacture and installation of sheet metal structures tailored to our clients’ requirements.

We can cut, fold, join and fabricate any form of sheet metal structure.

At our workshop, we have a 3.2m Guillotine capable of cutting 6mm mild steel or 4mm stainless steel. We also have a Press Brake for producing folds with a bending capacity of 100 tonnes over 3.2m in length.

Whether it’s fabricating custom industrial components or crafting bespoke architectural elements, we have the skills and the technology to assist.


Experience and commitment to quality

At Davis Welding and Fabrication, we have extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to quality workmanship.  

In a world driven by mass production, our solutions stand out because of our commitment to hand-crafted excellence, tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our work results in a high-level of customer satisfaction in the solutions we provide, every time.

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Davis Welding and Fabrication is your trusted partner in sheet metal welding and fabrication in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and inner SEQ.

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