Davis Welding and Fabrication’s new location means better welding and fabrication services for clients

Davis Welding and Fabrication’s has moved to a new location that means better welding and fabrication services for clients.

The new location is at 18 Pease Court Bethania in a centrally positioned industrial and commercial precinct. This provides a convenient central location to provide commercial welding and fabrication services to our clients in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Beenleigh regions.

The workshop and facility are larger and superior in many ways to the company’s previous location. It has sufficient space to expand our services and operate a more diverse range of projects and machinery.

The external space for unloading metal and equipment supplies is significantly improved. The site provides ample room for future infrastructure to be constructed.



In every respect the team and I are very pleased with the decision to move to our new location, said Davis Welding and Fabrication MD, Kynan Davis.

“Our entire focus is on providing the most professional level of welding and fabrication services to our clients.

“Having a larger space is ideal to continue to provide these services to our clients.

“It is also important that we had room to grow. This space lays the foundation of our vision to be a premier provider of professional welding and fabrication services into the future.

“Part of this vision is to be able to attract in the future, the best Brisbane, Gold Coast and Beenleigh based welders to work with us.

“Having an attractive workspace with room to move and grow is important to our team now and into the future,” he said.



Davis Welding and Fabrication is a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of specialist metal fabrications and solutions. This includes the manufacture and repair of a wide variety of commercial projects.

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Our expertise includes all forms of metal welding and fabrication including light sheet metal, heavy plate, aluminum, stainless steel, and mild/galvanized steel.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to quality workmanship and attention to the highest level of client service standards.

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