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Davis Welding and Fabrication has provided aluminium welding and fabrication services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and throughout SEQ for two decades.


Are you looking for aluminium welding services for a commercial project?


Aluminium welding can be a challenging discipline. It is important to choose a provider with the experience, skills, and the correct tools to properly master this task.

Our company has the experience, skills, and specialist equipment to provide high-quality and professional aluminium welding services. This means that we can manage any form of aluminium welding project that our clients may require.  

Examples of aluminium welding services that we can provide include:

  • Repairs to damaged aluminium components or structures
  • Fabrication of new projects to suit your specific design or needs


Challenges to Aluminium Welding


Aluminium welding presents numerous challenges. Its high thermal conductivity absorbs and dissipates heat quickly. This means a powerful welding machine is required to ensure sufficient weld penetration.

Care needs to be taken to ensure the aluminium is as clean as possible prior to welding to reduce the chances of porosity in the joint, thus leading to a strong and visually attractive weld.

Care, attention and expertise are required to ensure that valuable materials, equipment, or resources are not damaged if aluminium welding is not done correctly.

Our clients have the peace of mind that a professional aluminium welding service will be provided every time. Here is how we do it.

  • Correct equipment – we utilise Alternating Current (AC) Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welders for aluminium welding for their ability to produce precise clean welds with a beautiful appearance.
  • Proper surface preparation – we take care to remove any surface contaminants, such as oil, grease, or oxide layers, that might impact the weld.
  • Controlling heat – we employ a steady hand and the ability to adjust the welders output constantly during the welding process to manage heat and minimize distortion.
  • Welding techniques – our team are trained to employ multiple techniques to ensure adequate filler metal distribution for a clean, professional finish.


Aluminium welding specialists in Brisbane, Gold Coast and SEQ.


As a leading metal fabrication company in Brisbane, we provide professional services backed by experience and expertise.  

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