Stainless Steel TV Enclosure


Real Pet Food Company





Project description:

Design, fabricate and install a cabinet to house a 70” TV inside a production area. The TV was required to display critical information regarding the production process.


What were the challenges?

  • The production area is cleaned daily with harsh chemicals and high-pressure hoses.
  • The location where the TV was required was difficult to access. It was to hang from the ceiling above existing conveyors. There was no access for a forklift or EWP to assist lifting and securing the cabinet to the ceiling.
  • Access to the production area to complete the work was restricted to outside normal business hours.


How did Davis Welding and Fabrication solve these challenges?

  • We designed a 316 stainless steel cabinet to house the TV with a large, hinged door with double watertight seals. Ventilation fans within the cabinet draw air from outside and circulate it through the cabinet. Baffles were used to prevent water ingress at the air vent locations.
  • Installing the TV was a challenge as access below the area was restricted by conveyors. Removal of the conveyors was considered however this was quite involved and not practical. We installed a support structure inside the roof space to secure the cabinet to once it was in position. From this structure we attached chain blocks and lowered chains down through the ceiling and attached them to the cabinet. It was then possible to hoist the cabinet into position by operating the chain blocks from within the roof space. The cabinet was fixed to the supporting structure and the lifting equipment was removed.
  • At no time did we need to work from height inside the production area, in breach of potential safety requirements.


Project result

  • The TV and cabinet were installed in the desired area without the need to decommission and remove conveyors.
  • The work was completed on a weekend as required.
  • The TV was operational on Monday morning as requested