Stainless Steel Tank Installation


Mill Rose Consulting Group



Green Beacon Brewery, Geebung


Project description:

We were engaged by Mill Rose Consulting Group to unload and install several new stainless steel fermentation tanks at the Green Beacon Brewery located in Geebung.


What were the challenges?

  • The site was located on a busy road in Geebung. The site access was not suitable for the truck to drive into the yard for unloading.
  • Access within the premises was also restricted by existing tanks and production equipment.
  • The tanks were transported laying down on a trolley. We were required to stand the tanks up onto their feet and install them into specific locations within the building. There was no room available for the use of a crane to erect the tanks inside the building.


How did Davis Welding and Fabrication solve these challenges?

  • We supplied a forklift with extended tines to carefully unload the tanks while the truck was parked on the edge of the road. They were manoeuvred over the gate of the site and lowered to the ground. Straps were used to secure the tanks to the forklift to prevent any movement and eliminate the risk of the tanks slipping on the tines.
  • The large tanks where then wheeled inside the building.
  • Standing the tanks up onto their feet was the next step. This had to be executed carefully to ensure no damage to the tanks or surrounding equipment. We used a combination of the forklift with a lifting jib as well as other lifting equipment anchored from the building’s roof structure to gently raise the tanks to their feet. Trolleys were than used to wheel the tanks to their required locations


Project result

  • All tanks were unloaded and installed within the building safely and without incident.