MRI Quench Pipe


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Mt Ommaney


Project description:

Design, fabricate and install a MRI Quench Pipe at Lumis Imaging Mt Ommaney, previously QDI.


What were the challenges?

  • This was quite a short Quench Pipe however the ceiling space was restricted. The pipe needed to pass by a large duct and exit through the Colourbond roof missing the roof purlins. It was also important that the roof penetration was fully sealed to prevent any water ingress.
  • Quench Pipes are subject to strict specifications, we needed to ensure all these requirements were met.


How did Davis Welding and Fabrication solve these challenges?   

  • We studied the required specifications to ensure the design met the MRI manufacturer’s criteria.
  • A site visit was conducted to measure up the room and ceiling space. The locations of the duct and roof purlins were also recorded. Using 3D modelling software, a model was created showing the walls and location of the duct and purlins. The Quench Pipe was then designed around these objects ensuring there was no interference.
  • A specially designed roof flashing was fabricated and installed over the roof penetration to ensure no water could pass to the room below.


Project result

  • Thorough and accurate collection of site data along with 3D modelling software allowed us to fabricate this Quench Pipe in two pieces at our workshop. The roof flashing was also premade.
  • This greatly reduced the need for works on site. We cut the hole through the roof and installed our pre-made Quench pipe and sealed the roof.
  • It was a very streamlined and efficient process therefore minimising hold ups to other works being conducted within the building.