3 level stainless steel inspection platform


Large food processing plant





Project description:

Fabricate and install a unique 3 level stainless steel platform to allow carcass inspection in an operating food processing environment.


What were the challenges?

• This platform was needed to replace an existing rise and fall platform. The client wanted to use a multi-level fixed platform design to eliminate the need for hydraulics. We had to ensure operators would be able to access all areas of the carcass from these fixed platforms.
• On each platform the operators needed access to a handwash basin and tool sterilizers.
• Site conditions meant that we would not have access to hot works to install the platform.


How did Davis Welding and Fabrication solve these challenges?

• We spent a lot of time discussing the needs of the client and speaking with operators to decide on what heights the platforms should be.
• We designed a platform that incorporated the required basins and sterilizers at the correct heights
• We designed the platform to be bolted together in sections. The sinks and sterilizers are also a bolted sub assembly of the platform.


Project result

• Our time spent designing and planning this project paid off. This project was installed over a two-day weekend. Electrical and plumbing were also connected meaning the stand was fully operational for the start of production Monday morning as requested by the client.