Stainless Steel Slicing Table


Large food processing plant





Project description:

Design and fabrication of unique stainless steel slicing table for food processing.


What were the challenges?

• The client required a large stainless steel slicing table that the operator could work from the inside.
• The table needed to have a gate to allow access by the operator.
• It needed a chute for product to enter the conveyor and be easily removable for cleaning.
• We had to ensure the table could not get too close to the adjacent rise and fall platform and become squashed by the stand.


How did Davis Welding and Fabrication solve these challenges?

• We spoke to the client and carefully listened to their requirements.
• It was decided the table would be on wheels and there would be rails bolted to the floor to prevent the table getting squashed by the platform.


Project result

• The table is a success and has satisfied the clients requirements and expectations, improving operational efficiency.